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[05 Jun 2007|04:41pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Well, if everyone else is going to do it, I might as well make a post too. Here are a few songs that have been on repeat on my iTunes lately.

Televators - The Mars Volta
I've just recently been getting into the Mars Volta, but this is definitely one of my favourites of the songs I've heard. It's hard to sum up this band, but I guess I'd label them progressive rock/experimental. I know they're old news, but if you were ever skeptical of checking out this band, like me, I'd definitely give this song a try. It'll surprise you.

Keep it Loose, Keep it Tight - Amos Lee
This guy is comparable to singer-songwriters like Damien Rice and Joshua Radin, but he has more of a soul twist. If you're a fan of songs with acoustic guitar + piano, I can almost guarantee you'll like this one. :)

Spaceman - Mushman
I've mentioned these guys a few times in my journal and so has Elle, but I've never gotten around to posting them here. They're folk-rocky and sound a lot like Simon and Garfunkel in this song. If any of you have seen Almost Famous or Saved, the actor Patrick Fugit from those movies is in this band.

Dashboard - Modest Mouse
Song off of Modest Mouse's newest album, which I actually haven't had the chance to buy yet. This song probably most resembles songs off their last album because it has that more mainstream feel to it, which I know a lot of fans hated about "Good News for People Who Like Bad News", but I think this band is fantastic no matter what they do.

I Want Wind to Blow - The Microphones
I'm not sure if anyone here has heard of them, but I would describe them as low-fi indie. They're really soft and great to listen to if you're not looking to concentrate on the music.

7/4 Shoreline - Broken Social Scene
On top of being Canadian, this band is also fantastic! I'm not sure how many members are in it, but there are a lot and they have a fantastic medley of instruments. Also, Feist is on vocals in this song.

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